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Aviation: A Dynamic Industry

Just a brief glimpse at the evening news or a major news website shows that aviation is one of the most dynamic and quickly changing industries in the U.S. From news about major customer service changes among airline competitors, to safety reports, news of aircraft crisis, and regulatory reports, the activities of airlines and aviation companies are often prominent in news broadcasts.

Part of what this reflects is a quickly shifting calculus between airlines, their competitors, and their customers, not to mention regulators and public officials tasked with maintaining public safety. While it may seem like a non sequester to link issues like extra checked bags, in-flight wifi, and seat sales to emergencies and public safety issues, the reality is that many different aspects of airline operations, and smaller air travel services, affect one another in profound ways, ways that lead to very complex oversight and planning on the part of businesses and government agencies.

FAA Changes

Much of the news regarding the aviation industry involves the changes being made by the Federal Aviation Administration – the agency overseeing the nation’s airline industry.

For example, despite a long-standing ban on certain kinds of electronics in flight, the FAA is re-evaluating how the regulators view the use of ‘portable electronic devices’ during all phases of a flight. Soon, passengers will likely be able to enjoy more kinds of cell phone and mobile device use on planes.

There’s also the major controversy around the as-of-yet-indeterminate rules on unmanned aerial vehicles or ‘drones,’ as businesses take a new look at deploying these kinds of aircraft for many different commercial uses.

Working Through Aviation Law Cases

Through all of this, professional aviation attorneys help interpret the letter of the law in a given situation, and apply it in ways that will benefit their clients. When there’s any kind of a legal question related to aviation, whether it’s an aircraft failure or crash, a controversy around service models, or changes to the rules in place for passengers and pilots, an aviation law firm will seek to use existing law and case precedent to advance their client’s interest in courts, and to resolve cases that might otherwise drag on and require many more legal resources.

The Podhurst Orseck law firm provides aviation legal services to anyone who has suffered a personal injury while on an airplane.