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Air travel has evolved from the days of the great Pan American flying boats, when travel by air was almost exclusively reserved for wealthy elites to an industry that supported 1.7 billion leisure trips and 452 million business trips in 2014.  We have increasingly come to expect cargo continents away to be available for overnight or next day delivery.  Travelers are able to reach destinations across the world in hours, when only a century ago the same journey would have taken weeks or months.

Aviation impacts directly or indirectly almost every facet of daily life.  From an urgent business trip across the country to fresh seafood flown in daily at your local restaurant, aviation plays a part in delivering needed and convenient goods and services.  As the world becomes ever more reliant on air travel, volume increases, and with increased air travel, the risk of air traffic accidents and mishaps also rises.

Despite advancements in technology and safety in air travel, unfortunately accidents do occur. In 2011 (the most recent year available), the accidents per 100,000 flight hours for scheduled and unscheduled air carriers came in at 0.162 and 0.637, respectively.  General aviation is recorded at 6.51 accidents per 100,000 flight hours—over ten times more than the worst numbers in commercial aviation.  While these numbers may appear high, they pale in comparison to road traffic accidents, of which there are 5.4 million reported annually with 32,000 fatalities.

These aircraft accident figures belie the fact that when aviation accidents occur, they are often dramatic and costly. Emotive images of aircraft remains and tragic stories of personal loss, both in terms of financial costs and the loss of human life, are reported by the media and touch our lives.

With over four decades of experience litigating aviation accident and plane crash cases, Podhurst Orseck understand the complexities of aviation law.  Our attorneys have investigated many airline accident cases and have advocated on behalf of hundreds of victims of aviation accidents. Our team have extensive knowledge and experience in the nuances of aviation law and the associated legal issues that can arise such as forum non conveniens, foreign and United States jurisdictional rights and aviation regulatory schemes.   Our firm has litigated some of the most notable aviation cases in U.S. history and has built a reputation as one of the premier aviation litigation firms in Florida.

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