Commercial Litigation FAQ

What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation often involves business entities.  Litigation may be based upon breaches of contract, fiduciary claims arising out of agreements between multiple parties or actions arising in negligence.  Podhurst Orseck practices in numerous areas of commercial litigation including contract disputes, securities litigation, business torts, and anti-trust claims among many others.

Commercial litigation is routinely complex.  The very nature of protections afforded to business entities, such as partnerships and corporations, lend themselves to multifarious rules of liability and complex avenues to pursue claims for damages.  Additionally, many commercial entities conduct business across state and national borders, which may make them liable in different jurisdictions – each with its own procedural and substantive law differences.

Podhurst Orseck is a leading Florida commercial litigation law firm. Their counsel are nationally recognized by top accreditors as some of the most proficient and experienced lawyers in commercial litigation practice today.

Can you provide some examples of cases Podhurst Orseck has been involved in?

While the term commercial litigation is broad, Podhurst Orseck has nearly 50 years of experience in every aspect.

Some of our commercial litigation cases in recent years include:

  • Representation before the United States Supreme Court and lower courts of a challenge to the personal jurisdiction conferred by a standardized franchise agreement used nationally by a well-known Fortune 500 company.
  • Representation of a banking client against a corporate banking customer engaged in fraudulent wire transfers, resulting in a multi–million-dollar punitive and compensatory damage award.
  • The successful representation of major investors in a proxy battle for control of a large locally–based banking institution.
  • Representation of an independent insurance agent whose exclusive agency relationship was wrongfully terminated by a major insurance provider.
  • Prosecution of securities and racketeering claims by minority shareholders against an entrenched management established in a savings and loan institution.
  • Defense of wrongfully discharged employees under state and federal protections.
  • Defense of several major accounting firms against claims of professional malpractice and dereliction of their professional duties.
  • Defense of a high-profile tortious interference claim between well-known boxing promoters and a world champion boxer.

How long will litigation in complex commercial litigation take?

This can vary considerably, as each case is unique and brings its own set of circumstances and complexities.  Some matters may settle prior to trial while others may proceed to trial and possibly to appellate review.