Florida Professional Malpractice Lawyers

Individuals and businesses depend upon professionals to complete specialized tasks. These professionals, including lawyers, architects, engineers and accountants, are expected to perform their duties with reasonable competence and to follow industry best practices and professional standards to provide accurate advice and qualified representation.

When a professional fails in his or her duties, the consequences to your individual or business interests could be severe. The award-winning Florida civil litigation law firm of Podhurst Orseck represents clients in professional malpractice claims to recover compensation for losses.

Professional Malpractice Claims Handled with Skill 

Professional negligence claims may be resolved through out-of-court settlement negotiations or litigation.  The Florida professional attorneys at Podhurst Orseck, P.A. have represented clients in professional malpractice claims since the firm’s founding almost 50 years ago.

Claims arising from professional malpractice attorneys can be technically complex and challenging to prove.  The plaintiff must establish that the defendant did not adhere to professional standards in the industry.   Demonstrating the duty owed to the injured victim and the negligence of the professional requires an understanding of industry-specific requirements and best practices.  A Florida personal injury attorney with a background in professional negligence can help to establish liability in professional negligence claims.

Podhurst Orseck represents clients in pursuing a variety of professional malpractice claims, including:

Lawyers, architects, engineers and accountants are held to a higher standard of care because of the vital and complex nature of the jobs they perform.  If these professionals breach their legal duty to a client through a negligent or reckless act or omission, victims may pursue a legal action to recover damages.

In making a professional malpractice claim, the victim of the malpractice must prove that the malpractice occurred and that financial damages incurred as a result of the malpractice.

Often, expert witnesses must be called to offer an expert opinion or explain complex concepts to a jury. Podhurst Orseck assists with all aspects of malpractice claims, including securing expert witness testimony and ensuring that you have successfully documented your damages.

If you believe you have suffered injury as a result of the errors, omissions or intentional acts of an accountant, lawyer, health care provider, architect or other professional, contact our firm. Our Florida professional malpractice lawyers have represented many individuals and businesses who have suffered harm from malpractice, helping them to obtain compensation for their losses.