Florida Accounting Malpractice Attorneys

Accounting malpractice involves a failure to provide accounting and financial services at a level of competence that a reasonable professional would be expected to provide. Accounting malpractice can cause devastating financial losses to individuals and to businesses.

Accounting malpractice claims should always be handled by an experienced Florida civil litigation law firm as these claims can be quiet complex. Podhurst Orseck has extensive litigation experience in malpractice claims of all types.

Proving an Accounting Malpractice Claim

To make a successful claim for accounting malpractice, the plaintiff must demonstrate that:

  • The accountant owed a legal duty to provide competent advice and representation.
  • The accountant fell short in fulfilling his legal obligations.
  • The accountant caused actual financial harm or losses.

Accounting malpractice claims are complicated.  Demonstrating that an accountant fell short of his or her professional obligations can be challenging because the work performed by an accountant is specialized.  A litigator must compare accountant industry standards and best practices to the actions of the defendant-accountant and prove that the defendant acted negligently. It can also be difficult to quantify the extent of damage caused by an accounting mistake.

Podhurst Orseck, P.A. Can Assist With Claims

Because of the inherent challenges in proving accounting malpractice claims, it is essential for those harmed to seek legal representation. The attorneys at our Florida civil litigation law firm represent clients whose accountants have made mistakes related to improper tax returns, bad tax advice, inaccurate advice on corporate restructuring and mistakes in financial books, among other types of situations.