Florida Architectural Malpractice Attorneys

Architects are vested with an enormous amount of responsibility for the design of commercial and residential structures and the supervision of construction.  The architect is, under all circumstances, expected to exercise reasonable competence in the work performed.

An architect’s failure to provide professional services in accordance with industry standards can compromise the financial security and physical safety of the architect’s clients. Those harmed by an architect’s negligence, careless mistakes or improper acts or omissions may have a claim for damages.

Podhurst Orseck  has represented individuals and businesses affected by professional malpractice. who have experienced financial or physical losses resulting from the negligence of individuals and companies, including victims of architectural malpractice.

Architectural Malpractice Claims

Our lawyers assist clients in a variety of architectural malpractice claims, including:

  • Failure of the architect to provide adequate supervision.
  • The use of faulty surveys in the design and construction phase of a building.
  • Failure to review and monitor progress reports on construction products.
  • Use of faulty or inadequate materials during the building process and/or failure to specify the use of reasonable quality materials.
  • Inadequate inspections of new construction or renovation sites.
  • Violation of federal and state building codes and requirements.
  • Failure to review architectural drawings and detect or identify flaws or problems.

In these and other situations in which an architect fails to exercise the reasonable skill and experience of a reasonable professional in his position, the architect may be liable for architectural malpractice.

Experienced Malpractice Litigators

Podhurst Orseck represents clients harmed by an architect’s failure to comply with industry best practices.

The comprehensive legal experience and litigation skills of Podhurst Orseck’s lawyers in complex architectural malpractice claims can benefit those affected by architectural malpractice.

Proving damages in architectural malpractice claims can be challenging as those affected by this type of professional negligence may have a claim for physical injuries and/or significant financial losses. An architectural malpractice lawyer from Podhurst Orseck will investigate the claim, gather evidence, collaborate with experts and help establish a case of architectural negligence.