Florida Engineering Malpractice Attorney

Engineers play a vital role in the residential and commercial construction industry. These professionals are responsible for ensuring that buildings, bridges, electrical designs and other structures and devices are structurally sound.

When an engineer makes an error, fails to perform necessary work or otherwise provides inadequate service to his clients, the engineer’s failures can cause physical or financial harm to clients. Engineers are expected to perform with reasonable competence, and can be held legally responsible for professional negligence that causes financial or physical harm to a client.  A Florida personal injury attorney can assist those harmed by engineering malpractice in pursuing a claim to recover full compensation.

The Florida civil litigation law firm of Podhurst Orseck represents clients in complex engineering malpractice claims. Our litigation team has been recognized as the Litigation Department of the Year by The Daily Business Review. Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to represent individuals and businesses affected by the professional negligence of an engineer.

Engineering Malpractice Claims

The field of engineering is highly specialized and engineers are expected to comply with industry best practices to provide competent services. If an engineer commits professional malpractice, he or she can be held liable for any resulting damages.

The law places the burden of proof on the injured victim to demonstrate that the engineer:

  1. Owed a duty of competence;
  2. Performed at a standard below what a reasonable engineer would have provided; and
  3. Caused damage or harm as a result of the engineering negligence.

Engineering malpractice cases can be settled outside of court or a lawsuit can be tried in court. The plaintiff must prove actual damages, not merely speculative damages, in order to recover compensation.

To negotiate an out-of-court settlement based on the malpractice or to persuade a jury of an engineer’s liability, it is necessary to gather sufficient evidence of professional negligence and to present the evidence in a compelling manner. The attorneys of Podhurst Orseck have been recognized by clients and peers for their legal acumen and advocacy skills. Our award-winning litigation team represents clients in a broad range of engineering malpractice claims, including:

  • failure to supervise construction sites;
  • problems with the structural integrity of buildings;
  • design flaws in a new surgical device;
  • issues with plumbing or electrical design.