Political Contributions

Florida White Collar Crime Attorneys

While individuals and corporations are permitted to make political contributions and candidates are permitted to accept them, the law imposes strict limitations and guidelines with which contributors and political figures must comply. The laws related to political contributions on the federal and state level are intended to prevent bribery, coercion of public officials and improper spending of donated funds.

Individuals convicted of violating laws related to political contributions face substantial fines and potential jail time. A political career, individual integrity and business reputation can be destroyed as a result of mere accusations of violations of campaign finance laws.

Campaign Finance Laws and Campaign Contribution Rules

Podhurst Orseck helps clients navigate and understand the complex array of campaign finance laws, political funding and campaign contribution regulations.  The best time to consult an attorney is before making or spending political contributions in order to ensure that you are complying with the law.

Our attorneys have the backgrounds and experience necessary to provide legal advice on issues related to political contributions.

Accusations of bribery, political corruption, improper use of campaign finance contributions, and other violations of laws related to political contributions can carry serious consequences. Those convicted of public corruption offenses and other white collar crimes face harsh penalties.

It is essential to understand and protect your individual rights and the rights of your business.  Our Florida white collar criminal litigation law firm can help you understand your rights, explore potential defenses and seek the best solution for your situation.