Florida Securities Fraud Lawyers

Securities fraud involves the use of deceptive and illegal practices in the sale or transfer of stocks or commodities. Securities fraud is a federal crime and can trigger an investigation and legal action by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

A conviction for a securities fraud crime can result in incarceration, large fines and penalties and the forfeiture of assets. Responding proactively to criminal charges can help individuals and businesses to avoid conviction or minimize the serious penalties possible for federal securities crimes.

Crimes Related to Securites Fraud

Podhurst Orseck represents individuals, and other professionals who have been accused of white-collar crimes related to securities fraud. Our attorneys have been recognized by clients and peers as providing the skilled representation necessary to help clients achieve a favorable outcome in federal investigations and federal criminal proceedings.

We handle the full range of securities fraud matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Churning: Buying and selling stock to produce commissions for stockbrokers at the expense of profits for clients.
  • Insider trading: Using nonpublic information to trade securities in order to achieve financial gain.
  • Outsider trading: Using nonpublic proprietary information to trade securities regardless of whether the information was obtained as a result of employment with the company or not.
  • Pump and dump schemes: Telemarketers engaging in sales efforts to generate false increases in share prices (the pump). The stock is then sold at the inflated price (dumped), leaving the price to fall for remaining shareholders.
  • Corporate fraud and misconduct: Using deceptive practices to artificially inflate the price of corporate stock and/or to hide the true financial status of the company from the public, shareholders and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Ponzi Schemes:   Taking money from newer investors to pay earlier investors. These schemes attract unsuspecting investors by promising high returns with low risk.
  • Mutual Fund Fraud:  Excessive and/or frequent trading of funds to generate fees.

Accusations of any type of securities fraud are serious and a conviction can bring harsh penalties, including fines and incarceration. Podhurst Orseck provides legal assistance to financial professionals, individuals and businesses in the area of securities fraud crimes.