Florida Tax Fraud Lawyers

Individuals and businesses in the United States are required by law to pay federal and state income taxes. Businesses are also required to pay payroll and sales taxes based upon the business structure. Those who engage in willful or intentional fraudulent behavior to avoid paying required taxes may be charged with a federal crime.

The consequences of a tax fraud conviction can include large fines and penalties; assessment of back taxes and jail time.  A tax fraud lawyer can provide invaluable advice in responding to a tax fraud accusation. Podhurst Orseck represents individuals, businesses and other professionals accused of crimes related to tax fraud.

Tax Fraud is a Federal Crime

A violation of federal tax laws is always prosecuted as a federal crime in the federal court system.  Since the tax code in the United States is quite complex, understanding tax crimes requires a detailed knowledge of tax and criminal laws and procedures.

Podhurst Orseck represents clients charged with tax evasion and related fraud crimes. Our firm has been providing white collar criminal defense assistance to clients since our founding nearly 50 years ago. Our legal team has been nationally recognized for its legal advocacy and our firm members have a background as federal prosecutors. Understanding tax evasion or fraud cases from the perspective of both prosecutor and defendant is invaluable in responding to tax investigations and defending charges of tax code violations.

Avoiding Tax Fraud Penalties

Because of the inherent complexities of the tax code, many individuals and businesses make mistakes without the intent to commit tax fraud or tax crimes. The courts treat individuals who do not engage in intentional tax evasion differently than those who willfully violate the law. However, anyone who fails to report or significantly underreports income can be charged with tax fraud or related tax crimes.

Individuals and businesses can also be charged with tax fraud for other illegal acts including failure to file income taxes and/or making false claims regarding deductions. The penalties for tax fraud conviction typically include repayment of back taxes along with fines, fees and other penalties. Individuals convicted of serious violations may be sentenced to jail time and forfeiture of assets, among other consequences.

Podhurst Orseck assists clients in defending against allegations of tax evasion and fraud, negotiating repayment agreements or entering into an agreement to pay the lowest possible penalties and costs associated with resolving the tax litigation.