DBR Unsung Hero: Work is Personal for Lea P. Bucciero

Posted on May 25, 2023
Lea Bucciero
Lea P. Bucciero, partner with Podhurst Orseck

Law practice is often a team endeavor. What has been your experience with teamwork in the law?
As plaintiff lawyers, more than anything we are trying to right the wrongs that have happened to our clients. Having a team of professionals that are aligned toward achieving one goal is such an amazing opportunity to form bonds and learn from others who do what you do and understand what you are trying to do.

You are also working with a variety of personalities, where you get to learn to work with all kinds of people and different ways to communicate. An emphasis should always be made on proving your integrity and substance.

What types of work done at law firms and other organizations are commonly underappreciated?
Particularly in my practice areas, sometimes people don’t understand how connected we become to our clients’ grief. Cases become deeply personal, and we take to heart our relationship with clients and their losses. Attorneys are often thought of as driven only by money, but we are one of the few sectors that can implement change. We can go into cases where a client is in an accident, look into why a product is unsafe and push an agenda to make products safer.

What must firms do to ensure that lawyers remain engaged with pro bono work, their communities and their families?
Allow attorneys to find projects that align with their interests, so they are engaged and passionate about these projects.

How are the business and profession of law changing, and are Florida attorneys well-positioned for the future?
We are experiencing an ever-evolving legal landscape, even more so now with the widespread adoption for remote work and hearings, but I am confident that Florida lawyers are as well-positioned as anyone to handle these changes.

By Katie Hall